With a new year comes the feeling of a new start. And a new start means an opportunity to try new things, implement new habits, explore new systems, and build a plan for the future. There are a lot of great ways (and bad ways) to do each of these. And that is exactly what we cover in this session.

Questions to ask:


  • What happened last year?

  • What lessons did you learn?

  • What were the good things that happened to you?

  • Would you say that you are happy?

  • Did you act according to your life mission?

  • Were your relationships fulfilling?

  • Did your habits give you the results you seek?

  • How was your health?

  • Are you in a good place spiritually?


  • Flip through the photos on your phone.

  • Scroll through your social media profiles.

  • Read through your old Bullet Journal entries.

  • What should you change for the next year?

  • Is there a theme to these changes?

  • What is your mission?